Covid 19

COVID-19 and what we do about it

The Upside Down was born in a weird time! We have taken all measures to ensure a safe visit. We follow the RIVM guidelines as set out here:  ‘Veilig Samen Uit’.
–  We work with reservations: Only online reservations, NO ticket sales in the experience to make sure the number of visitors is controlled. Our floor angels make sure there won’t be congestion of the groups and everyone sticks to the safety protocols.–  Mouth masks: Mouthmasks are obliged for everyone working in the experience and for visitors, however you can take them off while creating the best content
–  We ask our visitors to disinfect their hands when entering the experience and there are sanitizing stations throughout the whole experience. Your temperature will be checked before entering the museum with a contactless thermometer.
–  Fixed routing: in our experience, we have a fixed routing and we only go one way.
–  Distance: We make sure there is at least 1,5-meter distance between groups.
–  Air purification. We have a state-of-the-art air purification system to ensure a safe visit.
–  Cleaning: we implemented additional hygiene measures and clean and disinfect the venue very regularly.
–  Disinfect: We ask our visitors to disinfect their hands.
–  Instruction: We take care of a clear visiting instruction, please read the signs and follow the instructions.
–  Staff: Our staff is fully trained and we will help our visitors with a safe visit.
–  Track visitors: we count the number of people in the venue and block the entry if the maximum is reached.
–  Contactless payments. We only have a contactless payment system in our venue.
What can you do yourself to have a safe visit?
–  Regularly wash your hands.
–  Keep a 1,5-meter distance of others.
–  Follow staff instructions.
–  Stay at home when you feel a cold, pain in your throat, coughing, stuffiness and/or a body temperature increase (until 38°C).

Please bring your mouth mask! And don't worry, it may be taken off for a second for your perfect picture ;)
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