The Infinity under sea

Step into a limitless world under sea level.
We may seem like a peaceful little nation, but we’ve been at war with the sea for over 2000 years. Thanks to our 451 kilometres long coastline and many rivers flowing throughout our land, we’ve become really skilled at dealing with water. We’ve managed to build a country way WAY below sea level. If it wasn't for our dikes, waterworks and canals, half of our country would disappear underwater. Including Amsterdam. This constant threat of flooding water makes us Dutchies great swimmers with a no-bullshit mentality. We may come across as rude or arrogant, but we’re just busy keeping our feet dry. This room is how the lowest point of the Netherlands –  6,76 meters below sea level – would look like if the Dutch weren’t as direct and innovative...
The Infinity under sea
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