The Mondriaan Room

Immerse yourself in a work of modern art and colour outside the lines in The Mondriaan room. Not the real one though, but inspired by the artist...
The Mondriaan Room
The party spirit was also alive in one of our most famous painters; Piet Mondriaan - where the inspiration for the room came from. Up until this day, he is seen as a pioneer of modern art. While his colourful squares and lines are well known all over the world, his fame didn't come easy. He was rejected twice by the judges of The Prix de Rome. Which was one of the most prestigious art prizes in The Netherlands. The problem was that this institute focussed on traditional art and Mondriaan was horrible at drawing traditional things.  

He was also terrible at dancing, but that didn't keep him away from the dancefloor. Although he was an introverted man, he loved to go out and dance at Rembrandtplein, in the city centre of Amsterdam. His love for music influenced his art in a big way. His signature style is a bringing together of opposites, the horizontal and the vertical to express an idea of harmony and rhythm.

If you need any more proof that modern art is what Mondrian was born to do: his name Piet Mondrian (he dropped that second ‘a’ when went international) is an anagram for ‘I paint modern’.
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