The Dutch are renowned for their 'Total Football' soccer style. The idea is to put opponents on the wrong track and turn them upside down by players swapping positions all the time. It's the sport we love the most. It has the most players – and spectators – of any sport in the country. Play a game in true Upside Down style.
The Soccer Room
Besides swimming, cycling and hitting the dance floor, there’s one sport we love most: soccer.  It has the most players – and spectators – of any sport in the country. The Dutch love to work and play in teams. That’s why we came up with the concept of ‘Total Football’ or ‘Totaalvoetbal’. This is a tactic in which every outfield player can adopt the role of any player in the team. Like an attacker switching swiftly from midfielder to defender. Only the goalkeeper stays in position the entire game. This fluid tactic promotes the ideology that “no one part is bigger than the sum of the team”. When played in a fast-paced fashion, it is a great way to outsmart the opponent. You do need players who are highly skilled, adaptable and versatile. And luckily, the Dutch have has a lot of them. Next to Virgil van Dijk or Arjan Robben, our most famous player is probably Johan Cruyff. While he was playing for Ajax, the biggest team of Amsterdam, he led Dutch soccer to greater heights while using the ‘total football’ tactic. Initially, he was a centre forward, but in reality, he didn’t have a permanent position. He used his skills and intelligence to read the game and create chances while his teammates filled in the gaps. Can you channel your inner Cruyff and win this match?

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