The Upside Down Amsterdam is world’s largest upside down social media experience. With our 25+ rooms and installations we have a 1500m2 mind-bending and colorful experience for you. All fitted in the theme of ‘The New Dutch’. 

We would like to tell you our typical contemporary Dutch culture in a fun way. As people usually only get to see the traditional stuff like mills and clogs — booooring! We want to do it differently by showing you all the things we are proud of like diversity and inclusivity or our amazing dance music scene. Discover everything you never knew when you swing by in our experience!

Did you know The Upside Down Amsterdam was co- founded by influencer Anna Nooshin?

On behalf of the whole The Upside Down Amsterdam team I am so excited to welcome you to our dream world. When we started this journey in the beginning of 2020, I could never have imagined for it to be the success it is today. We created The Upside Down Amsterdam as a space for everyone to feel welcome. We want to stimulate your creative senses in every way and offer you all the tools to create whatever sort of content you want. In addition to that, we want The Upside Down Amsterdam to be a safe place where you can explore, think outside the box and just be YOU. We have zero rules (except for a no shoe policy in the ball pit but yeah you get that).

The Upside Down Amsterdam has been an amazing experience for me and my team and I am so glad we have the chance to take you on this wonderful trip. We’ll have so much more coming to you in the next couple of months and are always open for feedback. If you spot anything, wish to add anything or have a wild dream of your own: let us know! We always want to learn.

I hope you will have the most magical time while visiting us and I am proud to welcome you into our The Upside Down Amsterdam family.

Anna Nooshin
Co-founder The Upside Down Amsterdam

Last but not least, The Upside Down Amsterdam is a socially conscious enterprise, as our playground is also a reminder that the ‘Right to Play’ is for everyone and that we shouldn’t forget underprivileged kids. That’s why we actively support Stichting Het Vergeten Kind (Forgotten Children). We open our venue to kids that might not have the means or the opportunity thanks to their personal situation.

Come visit us and we are sure you will experience something you’ve never experienced before!