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About The Upside Down

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Nice to meet you! A little bit about us

Our story kicks off back in 2020 in Amsterdam, where the very first Upside Down opened its doors. But that's just the beginning of the adventure... We’re working hard to bring The Upside Down to Berlin, with brand-new rooms and settings, and that’s not all! In December 2023, a pop-up location of The Upside Down also appeared at the Mother of the Nation Festival in Abu Dhabi. 

In our immersive experience museum, we invite you not just to be an observer, but a participant in the artwork itself. We create mind-bending and colorful worlds, where the rules of a traditional museum are completely turned ‘upside down’! We strive to showcase the character of each location in a contemporary approach. So no clichés like clogs and cheese in Amsterdam, or currywurst and pretzels in Berlin. We delve deeper into the city's history and manners to present it in our own, original way! So you’re not only having fun, but also learn a lot about the city you’re in!

Dive into a world that is interactive and immersive, where the boundary between artist and visitor fades. Lose yourself in the magic of the moment while taking the most fantastic photos with your friends.

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Sharable content for your social media

Besides crafting cool and immersive rooms and decors, it's crucial that you can snap the best photos. From Instagram to TikTok to Snapchat, our setups are made for snapping pictures that'll light up your feed! But we're not just a social media museum, we're all about dropping knowledge too. Whether it's getting creative or diving into the vibe of the city our experiences are in, there's always something new to learn. Ready to capture the coolest content? We will learn how!