Spoiler alert! We reveal some of our experience highlights. Not all of them of course. We want to save some of our mind-blowing surprises for when you get here…

Royal Room

At The Upside Down we like to think that you are all Kings and Queens. We believe content is the new King and creatives are the new Royals.

Therefore, be shameless when you wander all the rooms: since you’re the one in charge today. Do the impossible, be your own King, Queen or you know what?! Be both!

In our Royal Room we portrayed some of our Dutch contemporary heroes, all in their own specialty. When visiting make sure to ‘hang out’ with them!

The Pool

We also have a huge pool filled with balls to jump into. But we promise this is nothing like any ball pit you’ve seen before…

In our pool we installed 3 kilometers of LED lighting and packed the pool with 81.286 transparent balls, so you can light the pool in any colour you want. Just say your favorite color in the microphone and magic does the rest.

Many nationalities call The Netherlands their home and we pride ourselves on being one of the most progressive countries in the world. Amsterdam alone inhabits 180 different nationalities and is the place where the first-ever legal same-sex marriage was performed in 2001. But that doesn’t mean our fight against racism and discrimination is over. There is still a lot of work to be done on accepting all gender identities and expressions, letting go of some deep-rooted traditions and eliminating all prejudice and hatred…

Dutch Design Room

‘Dutch design’ is a movement known all around the world. But what does that even mean? Well, our designs are characterized as being minimalist, experimental, innovative and a bit quirky.

You even have some Japanese and Italian designers calling themselves ‘Dutch’. And when you look at the average Dutchie, it’s easy to lead them back to our own personalities. Remember the everlasting fight against the water trying to swallow our tiny country? We had to be innovative and experimental to fix this. You can even say that these ‘water engineers’ were the very first Dutch designers. As for the other characteristics, the Dutch are considered very down-to-earth which translates into our love for minimalistic design. And we’re also very tolerant and open-minded which makes our designs a bit quirky and humor and not afraid to colour outside the lines.

While designers such as Marcel Wanders, Piet Hein Eek and Hella Jongerius are famous for their furniture and product design, Dutch design is also found in many other areas. Think of Victor & Rolf in fashion. Or Rem Koolhaas and Francine Houben in architecture and Social designer Daan Roosegaarde. What is your favorite piece of Dutch design?


We love to collaborate with brands to create new experience, because together is better than alone right…

Don’t forget to enter the Licor43 Chocolate bar in our Candyland. We’ll turn your world not just Upside Down but we go a little bit further in this 90 degrees speak easy bar. So climb on the wall and stand on the tables, go all out and after that you can try out this new Licor43 Chocolate in our café (18+ only)

Pink Private Jet

This is your captain speaking.. sit back and relax.. The Upside Down Airways is ready for boarding..

The Upside Down Amsterdam displays the New Dutch. What The Netherlands is also renowned for is the fact that we are a country of airline pioneers. The Royal Dutch airline, or KLM, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019. KLM was one of the first airlines in the world, and even the oldest in Europe, that is still in operation.

Although flying has become more and more common, the most exclusive way to fly still is and will be with a private jet. A lot of celebs and super rich have an own private jet. Unreachable for us commons? No way! We offer you the opportunity to experience the lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous for a moment in our Pink Private Jet.

Mondriaan Room

Immerse yourself in a work of modern art and colour outside the lines in The Mondriaan room. Not the real one though, but inspired by the artist…

The party spirit was also alive in one of our most famous painters; Piet Mondriaan – where the inspiration for the room came from. Up until this day, he is seen as a pioneer of modern art. While his colorful squares and lines are well known all over the world, his fame didn’t come easy. He was rejected twice by the judges of The Prix de Rome. Which was one of the most prestigious art prizes in The Netherlands. The problem was that this institute focussed on traditional art and Mondriaan was horrible at drawing traditional things.

He was also terrible at dancing, but that didn’t keep him away from the dance floor. Although he was an introverted man, he loved to go out and dance at Rembrandtplein, in the city centre of Amsterdam. His love for music influenced his art in a big way. His signature style is a bringing together of opposites, the horizontal and the vertical to express an idea of harmony and rhythm.

If you need any more proof that modern art is what Mondrian was born to do: his name Piet Mondrian (he dropped that second ‘a’ when went international) is an anagram for ‘I paint modern’.