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Welcome to The Upside Down Berlin!

Our immersive experience in Berlin

What to expect from our immersive experience in Berlin

Imagine a creative playground that is ready to turn your world and how you perceive yourself upside down. At The Upside Down Museum Berlin, you are invited to unleash your inner artist, playfully discover facts about Berlin, one of the most fascinating cities in the world, and get into the flow of your own, unique way of storytelling through interactive, surprising and mind blowing rooms.

Enjoy an astonishing mix of upside down settings, optical illusions, interactive elements and colorful, unexpected designs. The Upside Down Berlin offers more than just knowledge, entertainment or education. It is a space and inspiration to free your mind from self-created limitations and will surprise you and your inner child – be it groups of friends, families, couples or even loners that love to stroll around on their own.

We wanna see you laugh, learn, create, interact, share and connect. We wanna see you happy and fulfilled and can’t wait to see you play at The Upside Down Berlin!

It’s your turn.

About The Upside Down Berlin

Step into a magic bubble and discover different aspects and eras of a vibrant city. The Upside Down Berlin, themed “Untypisch Deutsch – Untypically German,” invites everyone to loosen their grip on certain well-known German traits. Meet the colorful Bear of Berlin, take the stage in our Wintergarten, relive a historic moment of German freedom in our Wallpit, or dive into music in our karaoke booth or Techno-Hallway.

These are just a few of nearly 20 rooms designed to spark creativity and offer interactive and surprising experiences that will amaze you. Expect the greatest upside down settings, a lot of opportunities to interact and play and optical surprises that will knock your socks off.

The Upside Down Berlin Hangout - Our most colorful snacks and drinks

The Upside Down Hangout & Karaoke is your living room for meet-ups with friends and creative brainstormings. Enjoy delicious food and drinks, relax in a positive and inspiring vibes and let ideas and projects flow. Are you an artist, musician, DJ or company? We would love to host your events, be it release parties, open mics, poetry slams, concerts… Whatever you can imagine to realize at The Upside Down Hangout & Karaoke – we are excited to get to know you and discover options and possibilities!

More info and imagery coming soon….

check our menu soon!
check our menu
A group of people holding glasses of ice cream.
An ice cream sundae with sprinkles and toppings.

The Upside Down Berlin Karaoke

Our cozy Hangout & Karaoke invites you to have a great time with family, friends and your sweetheart. Discover 4 beautifully designed karaoke rooms that you can rent hourly and enjoy with up to 8 people. Unleash your inner rockstar, belt your favorite tunes, get loose and shake off the daily business in a totally safe space.

Accompanied with our tasty, unique food and drink creations, we are sure you will leave The Upside Down Hangout & Karaoke fulfilled and happy! More info and imagery coming soon….

Book your spot!
Book your spot!

Be the artist in our social media museum

In our immersive museum you become part of the action. It's the ultimate spot for amazing photos with optical illusions, upside-down rooms, and super photogenic spaces. Every corner is a chance to snap content you'll want to share with friends.

Looking to level up your Instagram or TikTok? We've got you covered!

Feed inspiration
Feed inspiration

Want to plan a group or school activity?

We would be happy to welcome your group or school to our immersive experience. Because learning can be super fun in our experience! Please click on the button below to get more info and book your next group or school trip to Berlin.

Group and schools
Group and schools


Do you have any questions about The Upside Down Berlin?

Do you have any questions about The Upside Down Berlin? Check below!


How do I get tickets for The Upside Down Berlin?

You can book your tickets online, via this link!

I would like to change the date or time of my tickets, is that possible?

That's possible, you can easily change them yourself via our ticket page. Please read the right side of the page (General Information) for more instructions.

Do I need to book my tickets in advance?

We advise you to book your tickets in advance online, so you can secure your spot!

Is it possible to cancel my ticket?

We have a no refund policy, but you can easily reschedule your visit via our ticket page.

How much time in advance before our time slot starts do we need to be there?

Please make sure that you’re arriving at least 5 minutes before your time slot starts.

How long can I stay in the experience?

You can take all the time you need! On average, people spend 1,5 hour in the experience.

Can I visit The Upside Down Berlin as part of the “long night of museums”

Sorry, you can’t. We are not collaborating on this yet.

I didn’t receive my photos, what can I do?

We’re sorry to hear you haven’t received them. You can check them here. Fill in your ticket number starting with 77… you can find it on your ticket. If you are still experiencing any issues please contact us on hello.berlin@the-upsidedown.com.

Can I use the Museumspass Berlin?

Sorry, this is not possible. The Museumspass gives access to state museums only.

Collab, groups & events

I want to visit The Upside Down Berlin with a school, is that possible?

Yes, we’re more than happy to welcome you! Please fill in the inquiry form on our dedicated school & group website page.

Is The Upside Down Berlin suitable as a photo shoot location in Berlin?

For sure! Send an email collab.berlin@the-upsidedown.com, we are happy to look into the possibilities.

Can I organize an event at The Upside Down Berlin?

Absolutely! You can either rent the cafe area or buy out the whole experience for a certain time. Please send your request to collab.berlin@the-upsidedown.com, so we can contact you and discuss the details. Thank you!

Can we visit The Upside Down Berlin with a group?

Yes! We’d love to welcome your group. Please check out our dedicated group page, and fill in the inquiry form below on the page.


How can I get to The Upside Down Berlin? Is there a car park?

You can check our location and public transport through this link. There are some public parking lots available at the Potsdamer Platz, where you can park your car.

Yes, everything is on the ground floor.

We have lockers for you to use in our experience. If you have some bigger luggage, we can store it in the back. For both, use is at your own risk.

We love dogs, but unfortunately they are not allowed in our experience.

Didn't find the answer to your question?

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